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Blitzwing Rules the Universe
Bring it on!
Recent Entries 
15th-Dec-2010 06:44 pm - Out on patrol
[Time: Tuesday, mid-day]

*Blitzwing heads out on patrol again, enjoying the feel of sunshine on his plating and wind under his wings. It was probably a sign of how restrictive duty on Cybertron had been recently that he was liking patrol duty - but then, he'd never really minded the chance to get out of base and get some flight time. Solo patrols were the best - no one to distract him, just him, his wings, and the ground twenty thousand feet below*

*he keeps a sensor out for Autobot activity or anything else interesting, but mostly he just enjoys the flight*

((ooc: open for anyone who wants to spot a Triplechanger out cruising))
8th-Nov-2010 03:05 pm - Reports
Sword (khalls_stuff)
[Time: Sunday, evening]

*compiling his report of the incident two days before, which rather grudgingly gives Vortex credit for drawing the Autobots away and his assessment of how the action probably saved the lives of the Constructicons by preventing a pitched artillery battle above the unstable rubble, per his agreement with Onslaught.*

*mutters* Fragger.

*finishes the report of his encounter with Wheeljack, focusing on the Autobot's injuries and skimming over the more embarrassing parts, and sends both reports to Megatron*
26th-Oct-2010 11:33 am - Back on base
[Time: Sunday, afternoon]

*Blitzwing's first stop after touching down back at base is the supply rooms, digging for anything strong enough to clean the glue out of his turret.*

*Finding nothing strong enough to remove the glue without aid, he kicks a crate, engine growling in frustration*

Frag that psychotic nutball!

*It's apparent to him that he's going to need help getting the hardened glue out of the firing mechanisms, and he quickly reviews his options. Frag, he wishes Astrotrain was planetside. 'Train was always handy for this sort of slag. Considering the events of the last two days, he's not suicidal enough to go ask Hook or Scrapper, and the only other mechs on base likely to have powerful solvents on hand would be the Combaticons. Asking Swindle would cost him more than it was worth, asking Vortex wasn't even a consideration, leaving... he sighs, and heads for Onslaught's quarters.*

*raps on the door* Hey, Onslaught!
21st-Oct-2010 01:12 pm - Out on Patrol
[Time: Sunday, Midday]

*Blitzwing loops away from the Decepticon base on a long aerial patrol, enjoying the chance to stretch his wings and just fly for a while. Eventually his patrol route curves back over land, and he drops altitude to something more likely to inconvience helicopters and small airplanes, just for the pure cussedness of it.*

*He ignores the repeated radio calls for identification - What are they going to do, shoot at him? A ping on his scanners catches his attention, and he climbs a bit for a better view*

*comm* Blitzwing to Megatron - got some possible Autobot activity. Permission to engage?

((ooc: any volunteers to be "possible Autobot activity"?))
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